IQVIA Fusion Event

Two Stories Media was recently asked to capture event video in Clearwater, Florida for IQVIA‘s annual Fusion conference. IQVIA is an American multinational company serving the combined industries of health information technology and clinical research. The Fusion event was held in late October on beautiful Clearwater Beach at the Wyndham Grand. Our TSM team worked with Wooshii, a top-tier, global video production company located overseas, to nail down the specifics and logistics of the event.


  • Pre-Production
  • Full-Service Production
  • Post-Production
  • Aerial Video
  • Brand Awareness

Over the course of the multi-day conference, our team captured a variety of footage requests. First, we captured standard event footage of all the attendees working together, attending discussions and networking. We worked within the main room to capture speaker presentations with audio, as well a broll of the attendees listening to the presented information.

Additionally, our team conducted roughly 20 interviews on-site. The interviews took place in a hotel room within the Wyndham Grand, so we were able to control the lighting and sound completely in our private room. This is a hugely beneficial move for IQVIA, as there were many industry leaders in attendance from all over the world. Having these leaders in one central location is typically an annual commodity, so it was smart to take advantage of the situation for brand and advertisement purposes.


Event Video in clearwater Florida

On top of all this, we also captured footage within the breakout rooms. Here, speakers discussed individual topics about their respective departments and industries, including new developments and research.

The TSM team captured drone footage to showcase the gorgeous scenery of the event. As well, we were asked to do onsite edits to be shows the following day in the main room as attendees were sitting down to start the day. This was a really nice addition to the event, that not many companies opt to do!

For this particular event, our team shot on two Sony FX3’s. We used our DZO Vespid prime lenses mounted to a tripod and a Ronin gimbal for movement.

For the interviews, we used a Aputure 600d with a light dome as the key light. We used a Litepanels Gemini for our fill. We actually shot right into the big sliding glass door leading to the balcony, so we had a nice edge and ambient light consistently hitting the room.

For the onsite edits, we brought a whole edit station computer and raid system. We set everything up in our hotel room adjacent to where we conducted the interviews, and that was our work station for the following 4 days of the event! We compiled edits with the most recent footage for the 2 highlight reels we delivered daily.

All in all, this was a hugely successful event for all involved. Everyone at the Wooshii video agency and IQVIA were amazing to work with, and we look forward to capturing more local events in the future for them! Do you have an upcoming event? We provide professional photo and video coverage for single and multi-day events. Contact us today to get on our production schedule!