American Heart Association

Two Stories Media is thrilled to reveal a featured event video for the American Heart Association! Few stories are as awe-inspiring as that of 11-year-old Levi Stock. The TSM team produced, shot and edited the video below for the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball event. Give it a watch, and then read more about the production below!

Featured Event Video

The American Heart Association reached out to us in advance of their annual Heart Ball to create a featured event video. This particular video is shown during the event in the hopes of raising funds for the organization. The primary goal of the American Heart Association is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. We are honored they chose us to capture such an incredible story this year!

The Production

The video features the Stock Family in Sarasota, Florida. A few years ago, Levi was struck by lightning and miraculously saved by his father’s life-saving CPR. His story is a testament to the power of human resilience. We deepen the moment of Levi surviving his near-death experience by opting for a documentary-style feel. The Two Stories Media team loves documentaries. More and more, we produce, shoot and edit them for various clients and audiences.

featured event video american heart association

This video, featuring Levi, is shot in a single day, beginning with a two-person interview of the mother and father. They recount with detail what happened that day. We also interview Levi to get his thoughts and feelings about the event. This is crucial in a documentary style video, where the overall feeling you get is paramount. After that, we head to the dock and marina where the incident occurred for some beautiful aerial views to set the scene. We direct the family to reenact a few particular scenes to make the story come together. Lastly, we head to a local park for some shots of Levi playing lacrosse. This is his favorite sport now that his legs have healed and he can run again.

featured event video american heart ball

Raising Awareness

Levi’s story serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals and families affected by heart-related emergencies. It raises awareness about the importance of CPR training. Additionally, it empowers others to save lives and reinforces the American Heart Association’s mission. The video raised thousands of dollars during its portion of the event. The American Heart Association is thrilled with the final video from an event and marketing point of view.

Above all, this video inspires viewers to recognize the power they possess to make a difference in the lives of others. Together, Two Stories Media and the American Heart Association ignite a ripple effect of compassion and drive. It ensures that Levi’s story echoes in the hearts of all who watch. Moreover, it encourages them to embrace their own ability to save lives and create lasting change.

American Heart Association video