Aviv Clinics

Our Two Stories Media team successfully wrapped up an extraordinary brand photo and video shoot for Aviv Clinics. Aviv is an esteemed hyperbaric treatment and oxygen therapy center that aids in the aging process. Aviv Clinics is located in Dubai and now The Villages in central Florida. They are also in the process of building a New York location. This new collaboration between our team and Aviv is poised to reshape how Aviv Clinics presents its groundbreaking services to the world.

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The goal of the production is to encapsulate the essence of Aviv Clinics and the transformative hyperbaric treatments they offer through vivid imagery and captivating video footage. Executing the shoot in a single day required meticulous planning and coordination. We were tasked with capturing photo and video of each scene. Every minute counted as our team traversed the various facets of Aviv Clinics’ operations. In order to maximize the day, we planned each scene down to the minute. We also meticulously cast each of our four models, remembering Aviv’s target audiences’ age range, health, and aging goals. During pre-production we booked hair and makeup services, as well as wardrobe to make sure each model had multiple looks for the day. Again, maximizing our time in order to provide the client with quality, crafted imagery for their marketing collateral.

brand commercial photographer tampa florida
brand photographer tampa florida

Brand Photo and Video Shoot

We began the shoot in the lobby, capturing the patients’ arrival, greeting their doctor, and group settings as the patients waited for their treatment. We also made sure to capture headshots of each model, with lots of negative space for graphics use in marketing later. After the lobby, we captured the “heart” of Aviv, their hyperbaric Chamber. We spent a few hours in the Chamber, switching between photo and video capture. There, the goal is to show the space, the different usages, and happy patients as they receive their therapy. Patients can play games while their therapy is completed. Additionally, Aviv staff come to check on the patients during therapy to ensure everyone is comfortable.

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After the Chamber scene, our team captured more headshots, the Lounge and vitals areas, as well as the physician’s and exam rooms. Furthermore, we covered physiotherapy and Aviv’s Cosmos and Witty Sem machines, as well as cognitive assessments and the weight room. The production team’s attention to detail and the clinic’s dedication to health converged seamlessly. Therefore, resulting in a visual narrative that’s more than just a mere recording—it’s a testament to transformation.

brand commercial photographer tampa florida

The Results

The outcome is a collection of photos and videos that not only showcase Aviv Clinics’ advanced facility, but also encapsulate the healthy changes that the clinic infuses into the lives of its patients. In an age where images speak louder than words, Two Stories Media provided Aviv Clinics with an ideal platform to communicate its message of healing and optimism. This partnership marks a significant step for both entities, setting a new benchmark for excellence in brand photography and videography.

brand photo and video shoot