Trailer Bridge

In the contemporary age of brand marketing, a full scale brand photo and video shoot is imperative. Having the correct branding, and a well-represented image, not only attracts your desired target audience but also makes you stand out from the rest.

The Two Stories Media team, a reputable full-service production company rooted in the heart of Tampa Bay, recently embarked on an exhilarating expedition. Our destination? Jacksonville, FL. Our mission? To conduct an intricate brand photo and video shoot for the esteemed company, Trailer Bridge. For over 30 years, Trailer Bridge provides the solution to all your complex supply shipping needs both within and far beyond the United States.

Brand Photo and Video Shoot

Spanning over a duration of two intensive days, the project was nothing short of demanding. However, Two Stories Media, renowned for our professionalism and creativity, rose to the occasion seamlessly. For this project we have Kevin as the DP, Brittany as the Photographer and Ryan as the aerial shooter. Our team worked together in a multitude of settings to capture every angle Trailer Bridge has to offer.

One of the major highlights of the shoot is our team’s venture into the confines of massive semi-trucks. Kevin and Brittany were closed into the truck in order to get the doors opening from within, slowly spreading the natural light within. The shot echoes the raw essence of the brand, and a new day opening up for shipments. During the afternoon of the first day, our team strapped themselves into the bed of a pickup truck with cameras in hand. While our gaffer, Andrew Ortoski, drove, Kevin and Brittany captured high-speed action shots of 5 Trailer Bridge trucks out on the highway in real time. These shots express that magnitude of the trucks and the company as a whole, symbolizing the unstoppable spirit of the brand.

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Office branding Shoot

Day two of the production is all about the people. Trailer Bridge employs hundreds of highly skilled, motivated individuals. Throughout two office locations, we documented candid moments, the camaraderie among staff, and the relentless commitment to their work. Our favorite part was capturing the employees taking a routine break downstairs on their high octane, motorized scooters. We need to get some of those at the TSM office!

brand photographer tampa florida

Your Next Project

This meticulously planned venture by Two Stories Media is a testament to our commitment to producing top-tier content for our clients. It serves as a shining example for businesses everywhere of the transformative power of professional photography and videography. Click here to inquire about your brand photo and video shoot with TSM, today.