Our Brand Photographer in Bradenton, Florida, Brittany recently conducted a photoshoot with Therabody. This two-day shoot took place at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. For this full day of production, Two Stories Media was tasked with capturing both brand photo and video of existing and new products in Therabody’s incredible lineup. We’ll cover the brand video portion in a future blog, but let’s dive into the photography for today.

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Brand Photographer in Bradenton FL

Therabody is a health and wellness technology company known for its innovative products such as Theragun, a line of percussive massage therapy devices. During the shoot Brittany photographed the brand new RecoveryTherm Cube, the Theragun PRO Plus, and Theragun Relief (coming soon as of this post). For the shoot, Brittany used our Sony A7R5 with various lenses. She photographed each product in numerous settings, featuring women’s soccer, football, and golf.

brand photographer bradenton florida
brand photography bradenton florida


As a Brand Photographer in Bradenton, Florida, Brittany is renowned for her exceptional ability to capture the essence of a brand through her lens. Brittany’s shoot was meticulously planned from the start. The client wanted to showcase the sleek design and innovative features of Therabody’s new and existing range of products. During pre-production, she worked out where to photograph first on IMG’s campus, knowing that the client wanted to end the day in full sun leading into evening golden hour light. She begins with women’s soccer in their locker room. There, Brittany and the team incorporate some dramatic lighting to really feature the Theragun PRO Plus. Then, Brittany utilizes natural lighting to showcase women’s soccer on the field and how the product works with ease in action.

Next, Brittany photographs the football students using the product in their locker room. Again, utilizing more dramatic lighting with an Aputure 600d and a few kickers. Brittany ended day one outside with the football students and a few Track and Field shots as well. The next morning, Brittany the team photographed all three products in a golf setting, complete with golf carts.

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Product Design

To accentuate the modern aesthetics of the Therabody products, Brittany skillfully directed each model in order to emphasize and highlight the ergonomic design. As well, feature the premium materials used in their construction. The goal? To convey the ease and effectiveness of using Therabody’s devices for muscle recovery and relaxation in a sports setting. Brittany’s approach to this project is a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. At TSM, we understand the importance of aligning the visual narrative with the clients’ brand values. In this case: innovation, quality, and wellness. By capturing the products in action, Brittany not only showcases their functionality, but also the lifestyle and wellness benefits they offer to consumers.

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