Florida Cycling

Bikepacking Florida is quickly becoming a new phenomenon. Across the United States and worldwide, bikepacking is picking up speed as the new form of outdoor cycling. What is bikepacking? Bikepacking is a blend of mountain biking and minimalist camping. It’s about exploring places less traveled, both near and far, via singletrack trails, gravel, and abandoned dirt roads, carrying only the essential gear.

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Bikepacking Florida

Florida may not be your immediate thought when you think of rolling, rugged terrain. However, Robert Schaefer is here to tell you that’s certainly not the case. Robert began working with our team of storytellers in early 2023. He wanted to document something wild. He wanted to quit his day job, and do something completely out of his comfort zone. And, he wanted Two Stories Media to document it all so he could share his story with other adventure seekers. Our team was one hundred percent on board, and excited to tell the story.

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The Spanish 520

Not having ever really been on a large bikepacking adventure before, Robert wanted to go big for his first trip. He signed up for The Spanish 520. This 520 mile odyssey begins in St. Augustine, Florida and ends in Ft. DeSoto, St. Petersburg, FL. We captured everything from interviews to wild broll of Robert out in the weeds to drone. Then, our team edited everything together into a documentary called Wild Florida. Not only did Robert want to document his first bikepacking race, he also asked our team for social media creation and management of a new YouTube channel. Previously called Schaefer Adventures, the channel now exists under new branding as Florida Cycling, to encompass more adventurers stories. Be sure to subscribe to the channel by clicking here, so you can watch Robert’s Spanish 520 documentary, and hear more about bikepacking in general.

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The Lowlands

Coming up soon on Florida Cycling, you’ll see Robert’s latest documentary, The Lowlands. Set to release in January 2024, this documentary recounts Robert’s journey through a new Florida trail, the Highlands to Lowlands loop. Or, click here to watch Wild Florida now. You can also keep up with Robert on Instagram @FlaCycling.