Gracie Jiu Jitsu Largo

Our team has had the pleasure of working with Gracie Jiu Jitsu Largo and their video marketing campaign for the past six months. First thing’s first, check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel by clicking here, and check out some of the work we’ve done with them to date!

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Video Marketing

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Largo is an incredible martial arts school for everyone – from beginner-stage kids through advanced adults. Gracie is dedicated to changing the lives of people, one person at a time, through martial arts, education and coaching. They strive to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all students and family members in Largo. When they approached TSM, they initially looked to us for updated brand photography for their website, as well as a refreshed brand video.

Largo Jiu Jitsu Gracie

After completing both, Gracie Largo asked us to continue creating content for them. This time, short form videos for their video marketing campaign on YouTube and their various social media platforms. Two Stories Media has become a staple in the area for social media content creation. We specialize in both long and short form media. Sometimes our clients ask us to create the content and provide it to them so that they can post it. In other cases, we create and optimize the content for our clients, so they can get back to business. This takes the stress of video marketing off of our clients so they can do what they do best. Since taking on Gracie Largo’s account over six months ago, we’ve seen exponential growth in the company overall. When we first took over their account on YouTube, Gracie had under 100 subscribers. Now, with our content, it has reached close to 500, and continues to grow daily.

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Content Creation and Social Management

Looking for a professional video production company that can create compelling, results-driven content for your channel? Contact us today to set up a consultation. We’d love to hear what you need, and how we can help.

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