Sailing Cerebral

YouTube video production is everywhere right now. We’ve all heard the term “YouTube University” when we’re looking up how to do a certain task or learn a new skill. Our project with Sailing Cerebral was more along the lines of adventure driven travel, and finding your spirit. Our team at Two Stories Media started our YouTube channel project with Sailing Cerebral over 3 and a half years ago! It’s been a wild ride. Now that it’s coming to a close, we’d love to tell you more about the journey!

st petersburg brand photographer with a sailboat in the ocean

The Journey

Kevin, our Founder and Director of Photography here at TSM, met Girard in 2020. Girard was going on a sabbatical (or “sea-bbatical” as he liked to call it) to destress and reconnect with himself. His mission? To live on his sailboat full time, bringing a small crew of completely novice sailers with him for three months at a time. They travel together to unknown locations while learning about each others lives. During the journey, Girard teaches each pupil how to sail. The four crew mates do everything together – grocery shop, take the night shift on the grand catamaran, learn how to navigate, and so much more! Click here to view episode one. It’s hard to believe, but our team filmed and edited this over two years ago!

youtube video production travel adventure

YouTube Video Production

This project spanned over three and a half years. We filmed, shot, edited and optimized five seasons on YouTube for Sailing Cerebral (now rebranded to Sailing Ripple Effect). Additionally, we produced, assisted in travel planning, and of course, created, optimized and maintained their YouTube channel. Starting in St. Petersburg, this project took our team to Key West, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and Panama. We were also responsible for crewing shooters in New Zealand. On the producing side, we aided in what the initial ideas to film were. However, everything was always so free flowing on the catamaran, that plans changed quickly. Our team had to be flexible and ready to make shifts in the storyline often. All production for each episode of the YouTube series involved two cameras at all times and editing. As well, we provided social media content for marketing the show.

Good Times on the sea

We feel so incredibly lucky to have worked on this project. We started the channel ourselves with 0 followers. Today, as of this post, the YouTube channel has over 3,000 followers and counting. Our favorite memory with Sailing Cerebral was visiting the Virgin Islands. Our team enjoyed snorkeling and swimming alongside the crew in the crystal clear blue water. The Virgin Islands, as you can imagine, had some of the best views in the world. Not a bad way to spend your “work” day! In the end, we delivered a multitude of content, both in long and short form video. We provided over 200 deliverables over the three and a half year span we worked on this project. From TSM to Sailing, we’d like to say – cheers, friends! May you have many more happy days on the water!

youtube video production travel adventure