Formulated Solutions Headshots

Formulated Solutions Headshots

We had the great fortune of working with the team at Formulated Solutions again. This time the TSM team was tasked with capturing fresh new headshots for their executive and management teams.  Images of Apple’s leadership team were the inspiration for these new headshots.  Apple’s headshots have backgrounds that were digitally inserted and could be edited as needed.  The gray gradient backgrounds help to provide a sense of unity and cohesiveness.

The Set Up

In one of Formulated Solutions conference rooms, the TSM team set up a headshot station.  What once was a conference room was now transformed into a fully operational photo studio.  Not only was the space completely lit we also had help with hair and makeup on-site.  The idea was to offer them different gradient backgrounds that required little to no editing.  We were able to capture close to 40 headshots in one day.  To give them options for their new gradient backgrounds we provided them with options in white, black, and blue.  Ultimately they selected the blue option and this could provide them with a more cohesive look and a fresh feel to be used on their website, LinkedIn profiles, and other marketing collateral.  

Finished Product – Headshots For Formulated Solutions

Behind The Scenes

We are happy to share a behind the scenes look at the time we spent with Formulated Solutions and to give you a glimpse as to what the process looks like to achieve professional headshots.

Professional Headshots – First Impressions

Most companies strive to have continuity on their marketing materials, websites, and social media platforms.  This is something we have a great deal of experience with, to learn more about the topic take a look at our blog Headshot Photography. We know how important this is to most businesses.  This is their opportunity to make a good first impression on their potential customers or clientele.  These images help to speak to your brand and play a significant role in elevating how your business is being represented.  Is it time to update your headshots?  Let us help – contact us to schedule your headshot session today.