Reel 2020/2021


Letters From The Editor– Highlight Reel

We are excited to share another blog from our Letters from the Editor series, this time on the Two Stories Media’s 2020/2021 Highlight Reel with you!  

Your Story – Tells Our Story

This is our opportunity to showcase some of our best work from the past years. Along with what we are working on currently to our potential clients.  Our TSM team puts a lot of thought and planning into curating a reel to present to people we hope to work with. With that being said, this year we wanted to do something EXTRA special.  Not only is this an opportunity to allow the person viewing the reel a better idea of who we are.  It is essentially this: YOUR STORY TELLS OUR STORY. The time, equipment, teamwork, transporting, filming, and editing along with so many other things that go into a project to make it unique for each client.  All those components come to life to tell our client’s story.  Compiling all of that amazing work, the collaboration, opportunities, and relationships built – that is the blessing of our business.  That content we created for our clients and they use to tell THEIR stories creates a brief peek into OUR story.

Elements such as family first foundations, how we view success, wanting our clients to feel at home with us, and much more. Those are the things that help to create our story.  We are really happy with the reel this year and we are truly excited for everyone to see it.  We hope you enjoy it!

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